The coronavirus pandemic is here, and with it a mass panic spanning throughout the world’s population, including the United States. In fact, many prominent events have been postponed or canceled, including those in the sports industry. The NCAA called off March Madness – the biggest basketball tournament of the year, while the NBA, NHL, and MLB have placed their seasons on hold. Many music artists decided to eliminate tour dates, while festivals like Coachella and Stagecoach have been postponed. As the fear of COVID-19 continues to grow, more and more places – colleges, universities, K-12 schools, office buildings, museums, zoos, and major theme parks, among many others – are closing their doors.

While our country is primarily focused on containing the virus and limiting its effects on the population, there is one question that needs answered: What can we do to stop the spread of COVID-19 and not destroy the economy in the process?

In correlation with the safety measures already put in place, avoiding face-to-face interaction in close proximity is a great way to prevent the spread of the virus. However, our daily routines typically keep us in the danger zone for contracting germs. Eliminating the threat altogether is impossible, but it is possible to implement an alternative method that will help alleviate it:

Drone technology

Many industries already use drones in their everyday operations, but the presence of a crisis increases the value that UAVs bring to the table. There are many emergency situations where the use of drones can be the ultimate “game changer”; a virus pandemic is a perfect example. Drones can help with the delivery and transportation of necessary items, such as medication and medical equipment, as well as basic necessities for those in need. UAVs are also extremely useful when gathering information in regard to climate, severe weather, natural disasters, and other environmental conditions.

As a pilot of Top Drone School, you have the potential to make a difference. Whether you’re interested in humanitarian aid, disaster relief, or something completely different, you can help impact the actions taken when tragedy strikes. The COVID-19 pandemic and the fear surrounding it has created complete chaos for the American public. A chaotic situation needs ingenuity, creativity, and a clear resolution; an alternative solution is available.

Be a part of the solution.

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