If you’re in the construction business, you know that project management is one of the most important aspects of any job. Finding a project manager local to the job site is relatively easy; however, finding a trustworthy individual for a job in another city, state, or country is much more difficult. Fortunately, there’s another solution for those in the construction industry:

The introduction of the sUAS.

Thanks to their superior qualities, drones are changing the way business is done. Here are a few ways that drones can benefit you:

  1. Drones replace more expensive techniques.

When it comes to project management of a construction site, the most effective way to evaluate a job’s progress is by surveying the area from an aerial view. An sUAS is a very affordable alternative to more traditional methods of capturing aerial imagery, such as helicopters. Considering that drones are relatively inexpensive to replace, especially over previously used aircraft, they are the ultimate low risk/high reward option. Plus, the latest drones to hit the market come equipped with Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), making the fear of losing your sUAS almost nonexistent.

  1. Drone photography and videography equipment is among the best in the business.

The sUAS industry continues to dominate with advances in technology, especially when it comes to imagery. Many of the latest and greatest drones come with cameras that capture high quality photographs, as well as videos. When it comes to gathering the information you need from a construction site, you want the clearest images to properly assess the situation. The performance capability of your camera is an important factor in this industry, especially if you’re several miles away. Since many drones come equipped with Realtime video functionality, you’re able to see the progress of the project or infrastructure, rather than receiving updates from a person on site.

  1. Drones make for better business practices.

Implementing drones in everyday operations is a financial must, especially during this pandemic. Utilizing an sUAS makes it possible to deliver the best results on time with every project. With drones, there is less overhead, fewer obstacles, and bigger profit margins than the traditional approach. Not only will your profits increase, but your safety risk will decrease. In today’s society, the less in-person interaction, the better. The utilization of the sUAS makes social distancing easier than ever. Thanks to all of the capabilities that drones have to offer, they make a safe alternative to interacting closely with others.

Implementing sUAS use in your business is a no-brainer; but first, you need a drone education that teaches you the skills and proper procedures to pass the FAA Part 107. Top Drone School can provide the education you need and offer hands-on training from industry experts with our ground school option. Becoming an FAA Certified Drone Pilot will help give you an upper hand and secure your future in the construction industry. Let Top Drone School help you grow your business and get paid to fly.

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