more industries are seeing the value of commercial drone pilots

Traditionally, people view drone aviation as a hobby or recreational activity, but there are multiple career opportunities for FAA Certified Drone Pilots. In fact, over 70 industries utilize drones in their regular business operations. As that number continues to rise, so does the need for certified pilots. Check out some of the industries most in need of FAA-certified drone pilots.


Drones are making a big impact in the infrastructure industry, especially when it comes to the building and inspection processes. UAVs make it easier to gather extensive data, increase the efficiency of inspections, and limit the number of incidents in the workplace.


Due to the superiority of 5G connectivity, drones are becoming more valuable than ever before. The inflight movements of UAVs will be more precise with less lag time, making them easier to control. This will lead to more opportunities for drone implementation and more jobs for FAA Certified Drone Pilots, including those in the telecommunication industry. Already, drones are limiting the danger and risk for telecom operators by gathering the essential data needed for tower inspections.


Drones are a very beneficial addition for those in land surveying and mapping. Not only does drone usage cut down on time and costs, it also provides access to an extensive range of data, precise details of the land, and opportunities to map otherwise difficult areas. 


Thanks to drones, we’re making valuable advances in saving lives in the healthcare industry. In rural regions across the world, drones are used to deliver medical supplies, prescriptions, blood, and in some cases, organs needed for life-saving transplants.

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Although there are different types of energy in the industry, they all have specific safety regulations and require inspections. UAVs make these daily operations much more efficient than typical methods. For example, they can inspect panels for damage in the solar sector, blades for deterioration in the wind sector, and property for potential issues in the oil and gas sector. 

media & entertainment

Ready for an exciting career behind the scenes? As an FAA Certified Drone Pilot, you can be a part of the action. Whether you’re interested in television/film, music, sports, or something else entirely, drones play a major part in the entertainment industry. 


Drones are a great asset to the construction industry and are widely used by many companies today. Drones collect aerial data that allows a builder to see the progression of each project, making the business more efficient and clients happy. 

delivery & distribution

Possibly the newest task for the drone industry, as well as FAA Certified Drone Pilots, is delivery and distribution services. While Amazon continues to work on their future drone delivery operation known as Amazon Air, they’re still waiting on FAA approval. Since the FAA granted UPS with air carrier certification, it’s only a matter of time. 


PUAVs provide a practical solution to the issues facing the industry of agriculture. Drone use aids in the entire agricultural process, including planting, irrigation, spraying, monitoring, and gathering data from soil and crops for analysis. 

security & defense

Drones are valuable tools for security and defense thanks to their surveillance capabilities. High-end cameras and steady flight make for exceptional footage. They also provide a way for troops to gather data and intelligence when situations are considered too dangerous for manned flight.

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